Remote Sites


 Materials, Tools and Job Sites

Job site theft is in the billions ever year. It cuts across multiple sectors: home building, commercial construction and public works programs. The pilfered wares include building materials such as steel, lumber, insulation and siding, home appliances, tools and heavy equipment.

The top three costs of job site theft:

  1. Crew, equipment and job downtime jeopardizes completion schedule
  2. ​Costly replacement of materials, plans and other job specific items
  3. ​Premium increases and insurance deductibles

​​Secure almost ANY type of building, tool, appliance or material

  • GPS Tracking devices with Monitored Alerts to keep you notified
  • Remote Arm/Disarm capabilities keeps you in control
  • Portable wireless technology makes transporting from multiple job sites a breeze
  • Monitored protection alerts you of any activity and if necessary call the authorities

Specialty Security

Mobile Intrusion and Surveillance

Mobile, Temporary and Effective

Metro Link's system is an integrated, professional-grade, intrusion and video system designed specifically for the requirements of the construction industry. This system is an ideal solution where temporary security is needed and may need to be relocated as the project progresses. It comes as a turnkey package including hardware, digital record and website hosting.  Short term rental options available.  Contact us at (888) 638-7697 for more information.  

  • Review daily progress and visually confirm site conditions
  • Document schedules and contract compliance
  • Reduce the need for travel to site
  • ​​Confirm jobsite activities against other reporting methods
  • ​​Monitor materials delivery and handling
  • ​​Coordination improves between trade subcontractors​

Exposed Inventory


Vacant Property

Equipment & Fleet

Remote Video and Intrusion Security

Security Anywhere

Metro Link offers easy-to-use, reliable way to protect remote locations without the need for a power or communication source.  Metro Link offers self-powered Security Alarms and Video Capture systems. Cell towers, water towers, and electrical sub stations are all prime targets for vandals and thieves. Installing a system from Metro Link on location will alert you and our 24/7 Monitoring Center of the presence of trespassers and would be thieves.

Metro Link's systems are durable; designed to withstand the outdoors, weather resistant and designed to operate in extreme temperatures.

Metro Link can utilize  IP, cellular and GPS technologies to protect property and recover assets.  Several systems we provide are also self-powered, offering reliable protection for years and the ability to self-charge via solar.  

Spread Spectrum transmits across many different frequencies.  If there is interference or "jamming" on a frequency, Spread Spectrum searches another open pathway to transmit alarm and video messages.

Recovery Systems

 ​Equipment, Tools, Fleets and Trailers

Equipment theft is a growing, costly problem. It costs you in lost revenue, man hours, downtime and missed contract deadlines.  

Insurance is not enough. Industry sources estimate annual losses from heavy equipment theft are as high as $1 billion. More than 71 percent of equipment owners have experienced equipment theft recently.  As little as 10 percent of stolen equipment is ever recovered.

The top three costs of construction theft:

  1. Vehicle and Equipment Costs
  2. ​Premium increases and insurance deductibles
  3. ​Crew, equipment and job downtime  

Recovery System Benefits:

  • GPS Tracking devices with Monitored Alerts to keep you notified
  • Remote Arm/Disarm capabilities keeps you in control
  • Secure almost ANY type of equipment or tool