Small To Medium Businesses Fit Just Right

We specialize in solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We understand because we are one too. Running a business requires a certain amount of risk and we believe security shouldn't be one of them. We provide a situation assessment to better understand how your business runs and help pinpoint where you may be most vulnerable, even in areas you may not have considered.  From burglar alarms and access control to video cameras that you can remotely view from anywhere, Metro Link offers a variety of security products and service plans that let you choose the solution best suited for you.  

NEW! Cloud Storage Solutions

Seeing what is happening with your business from almost anywhere has never been easier with Metro Link's MYLiNK App for mobile devices.

Sometimes you need extensive video surveillance options to keep track of what’s happening with your business. Our Cloud Storage Solutions offer you unlimited cloud storage of your video data, remote system access & reporting via our MYLiNK Total Connect solution. You also get event scheduling and alerts, with the option to receive event-triggered clips. Plus, you get real-time online video viewing & playback.

               Multi-Location Management Evolved

To aid our clients who manage multiple locations, we offer numerous tracking, reporting and customization options that cut down on time loss, false alarm and fewer service calls.   Metro Link's remote management tool MYLiNK utilizing the Total Connect App.  Available for both Apple iOS and Android platforms, this unique tool allows business owners and managers to keep an eye on just about every aspect of their businesses, remotely. Change user codes on the fly, manage restricted area access, late-to-open/early-to-close notification.  You even have the ability to lock doors at specific times, turn on lights, monitor cooler and freezer temps, view live Point of Sale transactions and much more.

False Alarm Prevention

Multiple employees, after-hour vendor deliveries, varying environmental conditions etc.  The list of false alarm triggers is greater with commercial security than home security.  Many security companies only make the problem worse by offering a one-size-fits-all approach which has become a real problem in our industry. That is exactly why we take great care with the initial system design and utilize the industries most reliable equipment and make it easy to use with our various touchpad interfaces. The technology we use helps you identify factors that lead to false alarms, as well as enable you to pinpoint which areas in your premise are responsible. It all adds up to fewer fines and fewer notifications in the middle of the night.

Investment Protection

We take the protection of your investment in people, infrastructure, information and inventory very seriously. Metro Link provides video surveillance, intrusion protection and fire alarm systems to help protect your business by providing peace of mind with unsurpassed security systems and Rapid Response Monitoring. Metro Link has the experience and expertise to offer security solutions for just about any kind of building or business. Contact us at 1-888-638-7697.

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